Tuesday, September 21, 2010

wisdom from a 10 year old.

I wish I could say I wrote what is contained herein but I did not. It was our 10 year old (at the time) son writing to his mother just prior to her surgery to defeat breast cancer (nearly 10 months ago). I also wish I could tell you that I was as steadfast as he was. There was no small amount of apprehension on my part surrounding everything. When Lori passed this note onto me, I was struck. Struck at how jaded I had become. My shield of faith was missing. Not the shield's fault but mine for not raising it. The words of this young boy went off like a shot in my heart. He was absolutely correct! The situations in life are mere bumps in the road. God is GREATER. GREATER. May we all have a rock solid assurance in our God.

This is an excerpt of his email, exactly as it came to Lori. May you be upheld by its simple truth. ~john

IT JUST TAKES FAITH AND COURAGE, PRAYER AND NO FEAR. FEAR IS WHAT MAKES YOU WEAK IT MAKES YOU NEGATIVE THATS NOT WHAT GOD WANTS. This situation is nothing but a bump in the ground and another step of faith in life that you WILL GET THROUGH!!!!!!

~jonathan david allison, age 10.