Sunday, January 31, 2010

God the Father

I am learning that God is a true father. What do I mean? That He is infinitely closer than I realize. Aware, engaged and involved with every detail of my and your life.

As a father, I know sympathetic pain. When one of my children hurts, I hurt. Even when that hurt is caused by their own missteps. My heart is linked to them. I have vivid recollection of traumatic events in their lives. I have wept at times when they have wept. It's as if those moments are forever etched in my mind. I suspect there will be more in the years to come. I think it's my job to be here for them. As long as I can.

God is a Father. He is beyond all that I could ever be as a human father. As our Heavenly Father, His capacity exceeds anything we could imagine with our natural mind. While He does not exist for us, we exist for Him. Our place in history has been purposed. God has a plan and purpose for each of us in this life and beyond. Therefore, I know his eye is upon you and me.

I know not your circumstances but God the Father does. Be it a peak or valley, He is near His children.

I discovered this verse in the Psalms. I commend it to you and may you meditate upon it. May we all find strength in its truth:

Psalm 56:8 (The Message)

"You've kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights, Each tear entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book."

Rest knowing the Father is directing the affairs of our existence and keeping meticulous account of the details.


Monday, January 18, 2010

celebrity intolerant

I am sorry but allow me to rant just this once. Why do we give such voice to celebrities in America? Talent is not equal to character. Yet we see time and time again the celebration of celebrity and the platform given to “them.” We then gasp in shock when the celebrity implodes under the weight of his or her own bloated fame!

Tiger Woods is a great golfer. Not such a great husband. I know GREAT husbands. They just don’t garner the big endorsement deals. My friend Jim is a great man but you won’t see a line of clothing with his name on it. I am sorry Tiger that we made you such a “god.” Emphasis on the little “g.”

I know that God honors the humble and the truly wise and prudent. The highest award given a man is to hear the God of the universe say, “Well done.” Maybe we have lost our bearings? Perhaps.

We are indeed a broken culture. But I suppose this soapbox will make little to no difference in the world of the famous. I just had to let you know that my celebrity intolerance is worsening with age. I just can’t choke down one more awards show…it gives me a rash. A fast may be in order to restore my system's balance. Oh…and I may have to abstain from Christian celebrities too. Did I say that out loud?

Here’s to all you great men and women out there that this world will never celebrate with riches and accolades. I want you to know that you are noticed and appreciated. God sees your good works and truly a reward awaits you in heaven. And to all you pastors who will never have your own TV show…may your words carry the weight of one having the moral authority to speak. God’s speed to you.

I salute you non-celebrities!

there…I feel better.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I’ll go out on a limb and say we have all cheated in our lives at some point. Some of us may be cheating right now!

What do I mean? Well, not necessarily what one thinks in the classic sense when one hears the word “cheat.” I mean in a broader context. Let me explain…

Life requires much from us. The responsibilities abound and to shrink back from any one of them is, in principle, cheating.

It is a fact to live well in this body we must eat well. Yet many of us choose to cheat because it is easier to eat conveniently. I have read estimates that the average American consumes about 100 - 120 lbs of sugar annually. Yikes! Reports are that Childhood Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes are at an all time high. And while we search for cures, it’s no mystery why in some cases disease is rampant.

And yes I am going to quote Jack LaLanne again! I heard him say in an interview, “Dying is easy. Living is a pain in the backside you have to earn it!” In other words, “you can’t cheat in life to be healthy.”

I see a great correlation to all this in the spiritual journey. No we cannot earn our way into the heart of God nor can we reach salvation by working for it. His love is a gift and salvation is His mercy and grace. But, we do have responsibilities to live for Him with ALL THAT IS WITHIN US. Living is painful in that it is work. Maintaining love and relationships REQUIRES effort…no…demands effort.

With my best friend in this world, Lori (my wife) having had to deal with breast cancer this year, I have had this wake up call, I DON’T WON’T TO CHEAT ANYMORE. I don’t want to just grab a “handful of life’s cookies,” I want more because I know cheating has a cumulative affect. I want EVERYDAY to count with her and my children. I want to invest in the ingredients of preparing a healthy existence on this earth both spiritually and physically. That is plain old hard work, unrelenting, backbreaking, sweat producing, intentional and no cutting corners living. I know it is worth it! I MUST HAVE IT.

New year. New opportunities.

join me,