Tuesday, June 7, 2011

God in the dark.

We all have walked through darkness in our lives. Moments where we knew uninvited difficulties had arrived. The knowing that the unimaginable could not be circumvented and that it must be endured. In the midst of those times, it is tempting to doubt that God is there. He is.

I recently gave a talk on the realities of Human Trafficking. To prepare, I tried to imagine what it was like to be a small child being abused by an adult. Not just once but repeatedly. I simply do not have words to describe what it must be like.

The thought of being forsaken, where there is simply no cry for help being heeded leaves only the dullest of aches in my heart. I am certain it is what Christ endured on the cross. I know he identifies with all who are in darkness and whose cries fade into echoes and blackness.

I do not have a tidy or articulate word to offer. Save that God is with each of us. Even the child described previously. I do not understand it. But I know He is there.

The song "O Blessed Child" is one I came to learn recently. It without question captures the essence of what I am attempting to say. I'll leave this open ended and only offer you the chance to listen and contemplate. Let God assure you...He is with you always. He is with every forsaken little one on our planet.

Listen to "O Blessed Child" and rest your heart and let us pray for each other and the children.

God's grace,