Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have been asking myself, "Would I follow Jesus if it cost me everything?"

I'd like to think I would answer, "yes." But after a year of feeling some major discomfort and loss, I know that I am not eager to lose "it" all. I think that "it" is everything we have made of our lives in America.

For the record, my humanity doesn't want to be bothered. I want a comfortable, blessed, every weekend free, air-conditioned and new car life. Major problem, it doesn't seem to be going that way! Wait, is it really a problem or just a conflict of interest? Maybe I am not supposed to want so much from this life. But honestly, I do.

However, I am suspicious that the more intently I follow Christ, the more distant my affections grow towards the things of our culture and world. I have a decision to make. Do I want to follow Jesus? I mean really follow.

If my answer is truly, "yes" than I must be prepared. Jesus may ask me to do things that have little to do with my personal happiness and comfort. In fact, I am quite certain He will invite me to walk on the water and risk everything.

This month I embarked on a new mission, to serve as a member of staff of World Hope International. By definition, my job will require that I think far beyond my comfort zones and look into the eyes of those I have only the fact we are human as a common denominator. I have never known the level of poverty of those we serve. It feels uncomfortable. I have no other way to express it. It costs.

I'd invite you to visit www.worldhope.org and see if you might find a way to join me on this new journey.

many thanks,