Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I guess there is some science as to why birds sing. Smart people study things like this. Apparently in the spring and in the morning it can be a way for the male to attract a mate or tell other birdbrains "this is my territory." I am going to choose to express my subjective, non-scientific reason. Birds sing because God made them to. And going way out on a limb here, I choose to believe God knew that humans would find joy in the sounds of a birdsong. Hence, finding encouragement.

As a musician, I sure understand how circumstances can steal a tune from the heart. There have been times when I wanted to "hang it up" and not play or sing. I think of a time in the bible when God's people were in captivity. They sat down by a river and wept and hung up their harps. They surrendered their songs to discouragement (Psalm 137). Man! I have been there!

Amidst a torrent of the unwelcome and unexpected, this musician has stopped singing. This morning before sunrise, I walked in DC and was greeted and treated to the sounds of birdsongs coming from freshly bloomed dogwood trees. I felt hope. I felt jealous. I have always admired birds for their carefree, "I am singing even if you are having a bad life" attitude! Even wrote a song about it called "Outta Here."

Time to take the harp off the wall and join these feathery band mates in the singing...and never stop. I think it's what you and I were made to do.

tweet, tweet!


  1. Tweet word. :) Keep writing and most def, keep singing! Underscored by JA's song, "This is why I was made."

  2. Birds sing their best songs to show how admirable and worthy they are. WE sing our best songs to show how great and worthy is our God. They are a part of His creation, as are we. They sing because it's all they've got. Sometimes, our songs are all we have. Keep singing, John. Love, Mary Hoffman